Starting this blog

So this is my very first blog. I've considered blogging in the past, but each time decided it wasn't really something I wanted to do. But now it seems like this will be a good way to share what I'm working on and interested in with others. Now to start with I am not going to be updating this blog on any sort of regular schedule. I'll update it as things occur that are interesting or relevant. A little bit about me and my blog:

  1. My goal in life is to go to Mars. The red planet is one of my favorite topics to discuss and I fully believe we can get there in a reasonable period of time.
  2. My creative outlets are my favorite activities. Reading, writing, drawing, acting and 3D modeling are all activities that I pursue because I enjoy them. 
  3. Travelling is inspirational. Having lived on 3 continents and visited 4 so far has taught me so much about myself and this world that I wouldn't otherwise have an understanding of.

I'll be updating this blog with things that I do, think about and enjoy. It will not be regularly updated, at least not at first. But I hope you enjoy.