Becoming a PoSSUM

You would think having a Lemur named after me would be enough fuzzy animals ( Lemur-2 Kane). But it isn’t. This week I will join an illustrious group of PoSSUMs.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Project PoSSUM is an educational program providing astronaut training to scientists. The goal being to have a trained scientists who can perform research on suborbital spaceflights for upper atmospheric research. I’m excited to say I am part of this spring’s class.

I’m currently in Daytona Beach for the start of the program tomorrow. A very full five days will follow.

  • Hypoxia training

  • Simulations

  • Spacesuit training

  • Aerobatic flights

Basically a bundle of exciting learning experiences that make for a jam packed learning experience. If this wasn’t exciting enough just after I’ll be doing the final training for my PADI scuba certification.

Now if you’re wondering what it’s all for, let’s revisit my goal. Mars. This training will help me gain the skills and experience I need to go to Mars.

Stay tuned for updates on training as the week goes by!