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HERA XV Mission 

Mission Dates: October 27 to December 11 of 2017

Crew: 4 manned mission: One commander, one flight engineer and two mission specialists

Location: HERA Habitat at Johnson Space Center Houston

More Information: HERA Analog Missions

I have been accepted as a test subject at NASA, and selected as a crew member for the HERA XV mission starting 27 October 2017. The mission will last 45 days and simulate a trip to a near earth asteroid. Analog missions are often used for a variety of purposes such as psychological research, testing protocols and equipment for use in future space missions, and medical research. Part of the reason for this is that the earth bound experiments are much cheaper and can be done by more individuals. You can find a list of the type of experiments that will be conducted during this mission here. You will also be able read about the findings when the research is published, which will most likely happen in a couple of years. The crew set up is a lot like the space shuttle crew. We only have four crew members and three positions: one commander, one flight engineer and two mission specialists. I'm one of the two mission specialists.  For more information about my role in the HERA XV mission, please follow my blog and NASA's HERA Analog Missions page.

HERA XV Mission Photos

Courtesy of NASA and Megan Kane

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